Working Groups

Ponies-on-the-river-bankTo date we have identified a need for 7 working groups varying in size from 2 to 10 or more members. Each Group will have a nominated Team Leader who will also be a member of the Co-ordinating Committee. The Committee will task each Working Group and monitor its output. All tasks will be recorded and tracked on the website.


Output from Working Groups will normally be in the form of discussion papers. Once agreed within the Group papers will be passed to the Co-ordinating Committee for their approval and then published on the website in the Library. At the same time Steering Group members and subscribing parishioners will be notified by email and their comments invited.


Further drafts of papers will then be produced as necessary. If you wish to receive notification of papers as they are published, please go to:


This group will identify future housing needs, including, but not only, affordable housing, identify suitable development sites in order to locate future development boundaries, stipulate building control regulations and produce a style guide.


This Group is responsible for roads, transport, parking, public services (including water and gas supplies, sewage, telecoms, broadband. It will conduct a topographic survey of the Parish in support of the Housing Group.

YYCHealth & Leisure

The Group will consider all aspects of future planning that will support healthy lifestyles and improved healthcare facilities. This includes sports facilities, footpaths, cycle routes, and healthcare provision within the villages, but excludes water-based activities. Role and use of community buildings will also be considered.

River & Harbour

The river is the “jewel in the crown” of the parishes and is sensitively managed by the River Yealm Harbour Authority (RYHA). This study will look at public access points and clear recreation areas to ensure their continued availability and possible improvement, and in co-operation with the RYHA, also consider improvements to their very small land facilities which they may wish to enhance in future.


This Group is considering all possible environmental impacts that change, intended or otherwise, might have on the sustainability of our villages. The Group will be recommending those changes it considers beneficial and suggesting possible ways of mitigating those it feels might be detrimental.

Local Business

This Group will look at sustainability of existing businesses, tourism, employment, business premises, holiday lettings, business hubs, start ups, home working.

Legacy Buildings and Heritage

This Group will look at the conservation areas, Parish history and a buildings preservation catalogue.

How can I help ?

If you believe that you are able to make a contribution to any of these Groups, no matter how small or in what form, we would urge you to get in touch with us to discuss just how you might help.