Terms of Reference

The Co-ord Committee comprising a Chairman plus the leaders of all the Working Parties with website, finance and publicity representatives in attendance is responsible for:

  • Task and coordinate the work of the Working Groups.
  • Monitor Working Group output for policy compliance (District, National and EU).
  • Assemble and distribute for comment draft papers produced by Working Groups and action the responses.
  • Assemble, distribute, collect and analyse public questionnaires.  Collect questions from Working Groups and distribute answers.
  • Generate the final Plan framework and integrate inputs from Working Groups.
  • Determine funding requirements and to seek out appropriate funding opportunities. This will include the preparation of grant applications for submission, as required, through the Steering Group and/or PC.
  • Maintain records of all community engagement for inclusion in the Consultation Statement.
  • Maintain a budget and associated account for N3P.
  • Maintain records of all minutes and agenda etc
  • Provide first POC with SHDC, monitor progress of Our Plan and disseminate where appropriate.
  • Liaise with adjoining Parishes and their NP Teams over any matters of conflict/common interest.
  • Provide the first Point of Contact (POC) with the wider public.
  • Select and manage (in all aspects) any external bodies working for us eg Plymouth University.
  • Manage the Ideas Bucket ie acknowledging ideas, allocate to Working Groups, provide feedback to originators.
  • Run publicity with the aim of engaging the entire Parish.
  • Run the website.
  • Run the email service.
  • Organise and undertake external consultation phase once Plan has been completed.

Further Information

Reference and discussion papers are listed below.  Discussion papers on which we are inviting your comment may be identified by the last date for comment which is shown after the title.  To view a paper just click on its title.

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Website Help

If you are a member of a Working Group, a Steering Group member or in the Co-ord Team and need help with placing material on the website, please go to the Library Click here  and select Website advice in the N3P General section.  You will need to login before access is permitted.

Reference and Discussion Papers

The following papers are available in the General and Supporting Documents Sections of the Library:         Click here

  • N3P Scoping Study                  
  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

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