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Newton and Noss have long “been in business” as a community. As early as 1297 The River Yealm was designated as a Port, one of only 95 in England & Wales. Fishing for Pilchard and especially for Crab and Lobster were the mainstay of the community for many years. Unusually for a small rural community, we now have a Pharmacy, a Village Shop, a Butcher, a Co-op Mini-market, three Pubs and a Yacht Club. Hidden from view, but increasingly important, the Internet has enabled many here to run their own businesses large and small.

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Terms of Reference

The aim of the Local Business Working Group is to ensure the economic sustainability of the community over the next 15 years through the provision of support to existing businesses and the promotion of future ones.

The Working Group is to compile a Local Business Plan (LBP) for inclusion as part of N3P that will:

  • Protect and sustain existing businesses located within the community that are principally engaged in providing significant services to the members of the community or alternatively are providing significant employment opportunities within the community. (eg  shops, pubs, cleaning and gardening services)
  • Provide sufficient work opportunities for the anticipated number of people who will be living within the community during the lifespan of N3P. Priority is to be given to employment for the young (eg Dependants living at home in the Parish with parents)
  • Provide appropriate support to other existing and future start-up businesses that are located in the Parish. (eg service businesses, holiday accommodation, hospitality

The Working Group shall make timely inputs to other Working Groups (WG) in order to invoke the implementation of the LBP (eg input to the Housing WG with any development planning proposals).  By the same token the Working Group is to be prepared to provide support to other WGs on request in order to support their aspirations.

The Working Group is to report to the N3P Steering Group as directed.


This recently formed  Group is led by Lise Hunter.  Other members are Andrew Clayton, Christine Phillipson, Hedley Hunter, Kathryn Barnett, Michael Hockaday, Roger Barnett and Roy Fenner.

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The group is currently working on their project plan before starting to compile a database of existing businesses within the Parish.  They intend to consult widely in order to establish what issues concerning local business and employment are of concern to all.

Current Tasks

We have now undertaken a survey of the local businesses in the Parish.  This is intended to lead to entries in the Neighbourhood Plan that will both support our current business needs but also to provide new business opportunities where necessary in support other needs identified in the Plan (eg the need to support an increasing population):-              Local Business Survey

A copy of the full survey report can be read here:-                            Survey Report

Further Information

Reference and discussion papers are listed below.  Discussion papers on which we are inviting your comment may be identified by the last date for comment which is shown after the title.  To view a paper just click on its title.

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Reference and Discussion Papers

The following discussion papers and questionnaires have been published by the Working Group.  They are listed in the Working Group Section of the Library.






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