Our National Infrastructure is a huge subject, much neglected by successive governments over the years. At the community level it underpins much of what we can achieve. In this N3P work we shall be looking at water, sewage, telecoms and superfast broadband, transport, the provision of parking and road maintenance, school and pre-school facilities, and much else besides. We can influence some of these issues locally, others will be provided by District, County and Central Government.
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Terms of Reference

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Current Tasks

A list of tasks can be found at the Ideas Register page.  As progress is made with individual tasks allocated to the Infrastructure Working Group details will be given here.  Once Discussion Papers have been written on a subject the papers will be placed in the Library at the Infrastructure section.  They may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link listed below beneath the map window.

Further Information

Reference and discussion papers are listed below.  Discussion papers on which we are inviting your comment may be identified by the last date for comment which is shown after the title.  To view a paper just click on its title.

Geographically related reference data is displayed on Google maps by markers and overlays.  Any markers associated with this page will be automatically shown on a map below.  To identify its significance hover the cursor over a marker and then, for further details of it, click on the corresponding title in the Index below. If you see no map that is because no such markers are associated with the subject of the page.  To see an overlay associated with the page just click on its title in the Index.

Reference and Discussion Papers

The following papers have been published by the Working Group.

They are also available in the Infrastructure Section of the Library:         Click here




Index of Map Overlays
  1. Boundary: Newton and Noss Parish


  2. Boundary: South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty