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Why is housing an issue in Newton and Noss?

  • Nationally and locally we are currently experiencing the worst housing shortage since the Second World War.
  • Newton and Noss are very desirable places to live offering a high quality of life, and house prices are correspondingly high. The average Devonian wage of about £17,000 pa means that homes in the villages are beyond the reach of many.  Affordability is a problem, resulting in an unbalanced socio-economic profile of the villages.
  • Desirable coastal areas in the South West receive in-migration from other parts of the country, particularly with those approaching retirement age, resulting in an unbalanced age structure.
  • Newton and Noss have an imbalance in its housing stock – there is a shortage of smaller homes for young families or for ‘downsizers’.

To build on the work of previous studies and provide up to date evidence the Parish Council commissioned a Housing Needs Survey which took place in Spring 2016.  The results were published in mid July 2016 and reported on at the two public meetings in Newton (23rd July) and Noss (24th July) where certain key issues were identified.

Key Issues

  • Holiday homes and second homes
  • Insufficient modestly sized, modestly priced homes
  • Potential to expand the village Development Boundary
  • Restricting the size of the village
  • Congestion and Parking
  • Affordable Homes (Social Housing)
  • Over development of sites
  • Protection of the environment, vies and rural character.

This is by no means a finite list and consultation is taking place on these and other issues that are important to residents.  The Neighbourhood Plan will prioritise the issues and work towards drawing up a plan that will address them.

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This recently formed  Group is led by Sarah Taylor.  Other members to date are Caroline Adams, Denise Marchant and Olivia Wilson.

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The group is currently setting a brisk pace and is consulting on a ‘Shared Vision for Newton and Noss’ and the issues coming out of the 2016 Housing Needs Survey’ throughout summer 2016.  More information will be displayed here shortly.

Terms of Reference

  • Ensure we (the community) have a shared vision for the future of housing in Newton and Noss
  • Carry out successful consultation and engagement with the residents of the Parish on all aspects of the Vision, Purpose and Policies and outcomes of the plan.
  • To ensure that all policies are driven by the shared vision
  • Ensure that the Plan is informed by evidence
  • To have the Plan completed by June 2017
  • Work within the remit of the Parish Council and the National and Local Planning Framework
  • Be first point of contact for public and official bodies regarding Housing
  • Link to the work of all the sub groups where possible
  • Liaise with SHDC and official bodies
  • Manage external bodies involved in the process
  • Organise consultation in the community
  • Communicate with the public for information circulation, publicity, PR
  • Liaise with other NP groups outside the Parish


  • To the residents of Newton and Noss Parish
  • To the Parish Council, the Steering Group and SHDC

The Process

We have agreed a ‘route map’ to follow so that we may successfully complete the task of the Housing Working Group over a period of 12 months.  To see the process, please go to the Library and click on ‘Work Flow Process’ in the Housing Section.

[Please note: Access to this page is currently restricted to N3P Team members only]

Current Tasks

A list of tasks can be found at the Ideas Register page.  As progress is made with individual tasks allocated to the Housing Working Group details will be given here.  Once Discussion Papers have been written on a subject the papers will be placed in the Library at the Housing section.  They may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link listed below.

Housing Needs Survey

Our Housing Needs Survey is now been completed by Devon Communities Together and approved by the N3P Steering Group and the Parish Council.  The report may be viewed in the library by clicking on the appropriate link below.  Please click here for historic/audit details of how the survey was conducted.

Affordable Housing

Although it falls outside the remit of N3P, there is naturally considerable interest in the Parsonage Road Affordable Housing Project.  In addition there are also current proposals for affordable housing at Collaton and Parsonage Farm which are beyond the scope of our Plan.  Since all three projects have already been started N3P does not have the ability to affect them in any substantial manner.  Nonetheless, as part of the neighbourhood plan, we are investigating the need for any more such projects and how they might be implemented if such need is found to exist.  Readers may therefore find the following of interest:

Affordable Homes – Devon Home Choice

Help to Buy South West

Affordable Housing Allocation Parsonage Road

Further Information

Reference and discussion papers are listed below.  Discussion papers on which we are inviting your comment may be identified by the last date for comment which is shown after the title.  To view a paper just click on its title.

Geographically related reference data is displayed on Google maps by markers and overlays.  Any markers associated with this page will be automatically shown on a map below.  To identify its significance hover the cursor over a marker and then, for further details of it, click on the corresponding title in the Index below.  If you see no map that is because no such markers are associated with the subject of the page.  To see an overlay associated with the page just click on its title in the Index.

Reference and Discussion Papers

The following papers have been published by the Working Group.

They are also available in the Housing Section of the Library:         Click here


*  To comment on these papers please        Click here    

Index of Map Overlays
  1. Boundary: Conservation Areas


  2. Boundary: Newton and Noss Parish


  3. Boundary: South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


  4. Second Home Ownership Survey Report