Health and Wellbeing


The Group will consider all aspects of future planning that will support healthy lifestyles and improved healthcare facilities. This includes sports facilities, footpaths, cycle routes, and healthcare provision within the villages, but excludes water-based activities. Role and use of community buildings will also be considered. For further details, please click here

Terms of Reference

The Health and Leisure group will consider how a neighbourhood plan could improve.

  • indoor and outdoor healthy recreational facilities (but not river and harbour activities).
  • facilities for walking and cycling
  • health care within the villages
  • access to health care facilities outside the villages
  • the needs of those with limited mobility

 Current Tasks

A list of tasks can be found at the Ideas Register page.  As progress is made with individual tasks allocated to the Health and Leisure Working Group, details will be given here.  Once Discussion Papers have been written on a subject the papers will be placed in the Library at the Health and Leisure section.  They may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link listed below beneath the map window.

To date our Group has concentrated on cataloguing the leisure assets that currently exist in the Parish.  These are tabulated in a short paper which is held in the Library.

In addition we have obtained useful feedback on the leisure needs of the Parish through our participation in the Village Fete held over the Bank Holiday weekend.  Your ideas are shown in a second document, also held in the Library.


We distributed our H &W Questionnaire in October and posted it on line at this website.  If you missed it you may see it by

clicking here .

We have now received and analysed all your returns.  Our evaluation of the results may be seen by

clicking here

Thank you for your help and co-operation with this piece of work.

Further Information

Reference and discussion papers are listed below.  Discussion papers on which we are inviting your comment may be identified by the last date for comment which is shown after the title.  To view a paper just click on its title.

Geographically related reference data is displayed on Google maps by markers and overlays.  Any markers associated with this page will be automatically shown on a map below.  To identify its significance hover the cursor over a marker and then, for further details, click on the corresponding title in the Index below the map. If you see no map that is because no such markers are associated with the subject of the page.  To see an overlay associated with the page just click on its title in the Index.

Reference and Discussion Papers

The following papers are available in the Health and Wellbeing Section of the Library:         Click here

  • Village Fete 29th August 2016. Comments Received             To comment on this paper please        Click here                  
  • Newton and Noss. Health and Wellbeing. Existing Assets   To comment on this paper please        Click here  
  • Questionnaire Commentary   To comment on this paper please        Click here

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