Environment covers virtual all aspects of village life, not only how it looks (housing, woods, fields, etc.), but the built environment and how it functions (infrastructure), and of course the natural environment. We therefore overlap with the brief of most other groups, but in a complimentary rather than a contradictory way, focussing on the environmental aspects of these other groups.  The Group will be recommending those changes it considers beneficial to the natural and human environment, and will suggest possible ways of mitigating thoseit feels might be detrimental.The intention is to leave to future generations a better all-round environment than we have now, and to try to ensure that it will not be any worse.  This is what sustainability is all about, and our objectives are covered by the “10 Principles of One Planet Living”, which has been incorporated in several Neighbourhood Plans, and has international recognition of the principles embodied in it.

There has been an environmental group in the Parish of Newton & Noss since 2007, at first purely educational under the auspices of the U3A, then project dominated under a separately formed group, the Newton and Noss Environment Group.  It is this group which is leading the input to the Neighbourhood Plan, but membership of the N3P Environment Working Group is open to anyone in the Parish who has an interest, or specialist knowledge useful to the community.

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Terms of Reference

To look at all aspects of the environmental impact future development might have on the sustainability of the Parish community, to encourage those that might improve, and discourage those that might be detrimental.  In this we are being guided by the internationally agreed Ten Principles of One Plant Living, a guide that has been adopted by several other groups working on their Neighbourhood Plans.

Current Tasks

a.  We are currently identifying locations within the Parish for classification as Local Green Spaces.  Such classification will afford them and their surrounding areas a measure of protection under planning law.  To see more detail and to access our questionnaire please click on the link.  By doing so you will be able to submit your own nominations for consideration as Local Green Spaces.

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A second Green Spaces discussion paper and questionnaire has now been completed.  It widens the scope of the first piece of work and comes up with some specific proposals for improving the environment in which we live.  It can be read and the questionnaire completed by:

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b.  We are also proposing a set of design policies relating to new build dwellings in order to achieve a higher level of environmental sustainability.

To see our discussion paper and answer our our questionnaire please click on the link below.

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c.  We have now produced our paper and questionnaire on those environmental issues that relate to our community infrastructure.  This covers such subjects as roads, footpaths, water supply, parking and energy conservation.  To see this paper please:

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d.  Attending a network of community groups involved in designing Neighbourhood Plans in the South Hams, which includes District Councillors.

Any specific tasks can be found at the Ideas Register page.  As progress is made with individual tasks allocated to the Environment Working Group details will be given here.  Once Discussion Papers have been written on a subject the papers will be placed in the Library at the Environment section.  They may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link listed below beneath the map window.

Links to Other Useful Environmental Websites


DCC Advice for Neighbourhood Planning

Booklet on “Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning” for CSE Bristol

Last Report of the Yealm Estuary Management Plan

The 10 International Principles of One Planet Living

Government Guide to Sustainable House Building

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…. and more.

South Hams Development Plan DP4 – Sustainable Construction

Mitigating Risk from Climate Change

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Further Information

Reference and discussion papers are listed below.  Discussion papers on which we are inviting your comment may be identified by the last date for comment which is shown after the title.  To view a paper just click on its title.

Geographically related reference data is displayed on Google maps by markers and overlays.  Any markers associated with this page will be automatically shown on a map below.  To identify its significance hover the cursor over a marker and then, for further details, click on the corresponding title in the Index below the map. If you see no map that is because no such markers are associated with the subject of the page.  To see an overlay associated with the page just click on its title in the Index.

Reference and Discussion Papers

The following papers are available in the Environment Section of the Library:         Library






Index of Map Overlays
  1. Boundary: Newton and Noss Parish


  2. Boundary: South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


  3. Local Green Spaces Methodology and Assessment Statement