The N3P Team

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To date we have assembled a team of approximately 45 volunteers from within the Parish to work on N3P.  In addition we must mention additional help in kind, as well as financial support, from clubs and societies, as well as  from external organisations.  This has mainly been acknowledged in the appropriate area of the website.  However we would like to mention here the support given by the U3A Photography Workshop for allowing us to use some of their very excellent pictures throughout.

A three tier committee structure has been put in place and a process based on public consultation at every stage (mainly but not exclusively through this website) has been formulated and agreed.  The three tiers are as shown in the diagram.


Team Membership

Membership of Working Groups can be seen by  going to  the Working Group Page and selecting the one that is required from the list in the box top left.

Current Vacancies

We are always looking for more people to help.  If you feel that N3P is a worthwhile venture and you want to support us please come and talk to us about what you might do.  Either approach a member of the group that is listed against the vacancy or alternatively we will invite you to come and discuss how you might help if you just … here .

At the minute we are particularly looking for help with the following:

Steering Group Member

We wish to widen the representation from younger, working members of the community within the Group.  Meetings are held approximately every 6 weeks and in addition you may wish to act as the link with a particular Working Group by joining their activities from time to time.  The task is to oversee all aspects of the work being carried out across the project.  You will be expected to contribute positive ideas on both where we should be going and how we should get there.  A general understanding of neighbourhood plans, what they encompass and how they are put together would be an asset.

Co-ordinating Committee: Co-ordinator

This task involves helping to pull together the work of all the Working Groups, acting as a link with the Steering Group and overseeing the work of ancillary helpers who are carrying out supporting tasks such as fund raising, publicity, website maintenance and bookkeeping.  It will require more of your time than some other jobs but it is a task lying right at the centre of the whole project.

Co-ordinating Committee: Web Content Compiler

This task is to assemble both text and imagery for inclusion on this website.  No detailed IT experience is necessary, although a familiarity with WordPress would be a very great asset.  You should be able to digitally create diagrams and tables using MS Paint, Photoshop or similar.  However this is by no means essential.  You will work alongside the current webmaster with a view to possibly taking over.  He will teach you everything that he knows (which won’t take long).