Joint Local Plan (JLP)

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan dated 27th February 2017 may be viewed by going to:

The maps which accompany and form part of the plan are as follows (most are of little relevance to us but are included here for completeness).

The JLP is of considerable significance to us because:

  • we are subjected to it in the matter of all future planning applications
  • N3P is not allowed to contain anything that contradicts it
  • we would wish to identify gaps in it with a view to putting any significant omissions into N3P.

At 392 pages it is a daunting document.  However much of it, particularly the sections dealing with Plymouth, is of only passing interest.  We believe that those parts of the Plan which do have an immediate bearing  on our work are as follows.  If you find others, do please let us know and we will add them.  Please do this in the usual way by going to:-               Paper comment


1 and 2Contents
61.21Relation to 'Our Plan'Indicates that the JLP does not replace 'Our Plan'
119 and 10Strategic objectives of the Plan
20 and 22SPT3 and Fig 3.3Housing figuresa. Supports figures for Affordable Housing = 27%
b. Estimates windfall numbers = c.4
213.24 - 3rd bulletJustification for housing numbers
22Fig 3.3Overall housing numbers
23Figs 3.4 and 3.5First 5 years figures showing both the requirement and the supplyThis is to demonstrate that 5 years supply is available
45SPT11 Para 2Status of AONBs
46SPT11 Para 3Status of Heritage Coast
168, 169TTV1Heirarchy of settlements within South Hams Para 3 implies development to be strictly limited
1705.8Identity of Main TownsOur local centre is Ivybridge
1705.9Identity of Thriving Towns and Villages (TTV)Nearest to us is Yealmpton
1705.10Sustainable villagesIncludes us. Newton and Noss considered separate communities. Maybe we should object?
223TTV29 Paras 24 and 25Employment land in Yealmpton
223 to 2265.152 to 5.158Policy for sustainable villagesIncludes housing numbers (Fig 5.8), our total being 20 plus windfall houses
225Fig 5.8Housing numbers for sustainable villagesExcludes Collaton and Parsonage Rd affordable housing (see 3.24 first bullet on page 21)
2265.158AONBs and sustainable villages
226 to 2295.159 to 5.166Countryside policiesIncludes replacement building policy (para 5.164
231 to 2346.3 to 6.15Healthy communities policyOf interest to H&WWG Supports possible plans for the estuary, footpaths, sports field etc.
235DEV5Policy for allotments
237DEV8Affordable housing numbers
238DEV9Affordable Housing specification
240DEV10High Quality Housing Design
246DEV14Protection of employment sites
248DEV15Supporting the rural economy
252DEV18 Para 6Protecting local shops and services
255DEV20Housing Design
257DEV21Protecting listed buildings, conservation areas
260DEV24Landscape character
261DEV25Protection of Undeveloped coastIncludes Heritage Coast
263DEV27Protection of the AONB
264DEV28Biodiversity and geological conservation
266DEV29 and para 6.97Green Spaces policy
267DEV30Trees, woodlands and hedgerowsIncludes Devon Banks