Ideas Bucket

4-newton-noss-mayoWE ARE SORRY BUT THE ‘IDEAS BUCKET’ HAS NOW CLOSED.  Any completed questionnaires will no longer be actioned as N3P has now gone out for statutory consultation prior to final amendment, referendum  and submission to the Examiner. 

We want to make certain that we capture all your views and opinions about what N3P should be addressing. A Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity to right some of the things that may be wrong in a community. However it is important not to be entirely negative. We would encourage you to apply your imagination and give thought to what enhancements might actually improve the quality of life in Newton and Noss over the next 15 years.

We must make it clear that there are some things that are beyond the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan. In this respect it is quite unlike the old Village Plan, with which many will be familiar. This was an advisory document, whereas the Neighbourhood Plan carries the force of law behind it and its contents are thus strictly prescribed under the terms of the Localism Act (2012).

Before submitting an idea

5-newton-noss-mayoBefore proceeding please will you therefore read the section on this website entitled What is a Neighbourhood Plan? and satisfy yourself that any input that you decide to make is within the terms of reference. Having done this, complete the form below and send us your ideas.

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal and register it in our records. It will then be screened for validity and passed to one or more Working Groups for action. You may check on its progress (and also that of all the other ideas that have been submitted by the public) at any time. To do this you merely have to go to the Ideas Register for details.


Proposals for consideration

  • Including any ideas about implementation, perceived difficulties, financial implications, etc..