Highway Matters: Questionnaire

Although there will be an opportunity to comment on all of the N3P reports and the proposed policies at the forthcoming N3P Consultation event on 1 and 2 April 2017, please feel free to provide any comment on the Infrastructure Working Group Report which you will find at:

Should you wish to make a comment this may be done by going to

In addition we would particularly like you to comment on the questions below where there is a lack of evidence to support any conclusions:

Traffic Accidents

Given the narrow winding lanes of the parish with few pavements it is not surprising that parking and traffic speed figure highly in the community’s concerns.  In some areas of the parish traffic speeds are seen as too high; despite requests for a 20mph speed limit DCC Highways maintains that there is a lack of empirical evidence for this.


Although no concerns have been raised by the community over surface water drainage or flooding, it is known that during heavy rain some drains cannot cope and flooding of the roads and some property can occur.


As mentioned in our  Proposed Infrastructure Policies Paper, parking is an ongoing concern to the community, therefore a new paper on a parking strategy is being developed and you will be asked to comment on that paper when it is issued.


  • Please can you tell us the location of any Road Traffic Accidents or incidents in the Parish that you have witnessed in the last 10 years?
  • From your experience, please could you tell us the location of any areas of the Parish subject to surface water flooding and if flood water has entered any properties?