A Shared Vision

The Briefing and Consultation Sessions

ConsultationTwo most successful public consultations were held over the last weekend (23rd/24th July) – one in Newton and one in Noss.  Approximately 50 people attended the two sessions and briefings were given by Christopher Lunn on the outcome of the recent Housing Needs Survey and Sarah Taylor on the background to neighbourhood plans in general and N3P in particular.  After extremely useful question and answer sessions, the audiences were then invited to give their views on a Shared Vision for Newton and Noss via the medium of ‘stick-it’ notes and a short questionnaire.  Finally coffee and a cream tea was enjoyed by all.  Our grateful thanks go to Sarah for her hard work in organising the events.

The Presentation Material

If you were unable to attend either of the sessions, do not despair. Help is at hand.  To see the Powerpoint slides used at the presentations just click on the links below:

Housing Needs Survey Presentation          Affordable Housing Facts          Next Steps Presentation

If you wish to see the full Housing Needs Survey Report produced for us by Devon Communities Together then you will also find it on this website at

Housing Needs Survey Report (2016)

The Questionnaire

We would also particularly encourage you to complete the questionnaire and let us have your views on where you want our community to go over the next 15 years.  You can do this on line by going to The Library and clicking on ‘A Shared Vision: Questionnaire’ which you will find in the General Section*.

*  In order to stop spurious responses to the Questionnaire from outside the Parish we must ask you to first register by going to  Click here .  You will find this well worth doing as it will give you access to all the consultative documents on a range of subjects that we propose to publish over the coming months.


We are very sorry, but it has proved impossible to provide an on line version of the cream tea.