H&W Analysis Now Complete

With the completion and return of the recent questionnaire we are pleased to say that the results are proving most useful in support of further work on N3P.  You may see them in full by clicking here

Two More Surveys

Both the Environment and the Local Business Groups are now conducting very important surveys as part of the data gathering phase of N3P.  It is most important that we get your input wherever we can if we are to gain an accurate picture of both the current situation and future needs in the Parish.  So […]

Please Complete this Questionnaire

The Health and Wellbeing Working Group have now completed a survey of all the assets in the Parish that they regard as making a contribution to the wellbeing of the community.  They now need your help in order to ascertain the importance that is attached to each of these and to seek opinion about other […]

Results of the Second Home Survey

The Housing Working Group has now published the results of their second homes survey.  This was carried out by a team of volunteers comprising some 45 people.  Each covered an area with which they were familiar – usually where they lived – and by a combination of knocking on doors and by asking neighbours, they […]

18 to 35’s Have their Say

The final report from the Beer and Bangers evening when younger members of the Parish were invited to come along and tell the Team what they wanted from N3P is now available.  You can read it by following the link. Click here. If you were unable to attend the meeting or perhaps you have something […]

Beer and Bangers goes with a Bang

Younger Parishoners’ Voices Heard Thirty two young people came to a ‘Bangers and Beer’ consultation event for the Neighbourhood Plan on Wednesday 10th September; they took the opportunity to make it very clear what their ambitions both for housing and for making a living in the Parish were. The evening was organised around a presentation […]

N3P Serves Up Beer and Bangers

If you live in Newton and Noss and want to have your own home in the villages at some point in the next 15-20 years, come and talk to us about the housing you will need – FREE Beer and Bangers served to residents of Newton and Noss. Find out what the Neighbourhood Plan can […]

Second Home Survey Under Way Now!

To be conducted between 10th and 17th September 2016 .                                                                                           […]

A Shared Vision

The Briefing and Consultation Sessions Two most successful public consultations were held over the last weekend (23rd/24th July) – one in Newton and one in Noss.  Approximately 50 people attended the two sessions and briefings were given by Christopher Lunn on the outcome of the recent Housing Needs Survey and Sarah Taylor on the background […]


[Click on Heading for full article] Those who do not read the Times newspaper may have missed the item on 24th July 2015 on “Top Waterfront Homes”.  Does this look familiar?  It should do. On sale with Knight Frank at £2.25M, the asking price helps to illustrate why our community is a target for property developers who, quite […]