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The Newton and Noss Neighbourhood Plan was voted for on 28th June 2018 at a public referendum

and adopted by South Hams District Council on 19th  July 2018

The Electorate of the Parish (1519 people) were asked the question:

Do you want South Hams District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Newton and Noss to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area? 

The results were as follows:

People who came out to vote (a 37.46% turnout)


Parishioners voted YES (85.76%)


 Parishioners voted NO (13.53 %)


Papers rejected as spoiled (0.71%)



The plan has passed its external examination with flying colours.  This is what the Examiner had to say about it just last month:-

“The plan is based on a very well researched evidence, extensive engagement with all sectors of the local community and provides a distinct set of policies, relevant to the needs of local people.
Subject to a number of modifications set out in this report, I conclude that the Newton and Noss Neighbourhood Plan meets the Basic Conditions and I am pleased to recommend that it should proceed to referendum.”



Welcome to N3P

Newton and Noss Neighbourhood Plan is an initiative started within the community for the benefit of the community to be put together by the community. It is a plan to ensure that the future needs of those living here are fully promoted, whilst also protecting all that is best about this special place in which we are fortunate to live. It is likely to affect every one of us at some time over the next 15 years.

The N3P Team are determined to ensure that they meet the aspirations of all and this website is designed to play a major part in achieving this. We will use it not only to keep you abreast of the developing plan but also to encourage you to contribute your ideas and thoughts. So please register here now to play a part in the future of your community.


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A Shared Vision for Newton and Noss

The Neighbourhood Plan requires a ‘Shared Vision’ for the future, one that we all sign up to, recognise and work towards. This is being consulted on currently and at Neighbourhood Plan events around the villages you will be asked to complete a green form outlining the aspects of the villages that residents have identifed as important. You will be asked to prioritise these and the results will become the ‘Shared Vision’ that informs the priorities, objectives and policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.
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